Veda Vinayagam

Situated in Nagapattinam district, Vedaranyam is a town named after the deity of the town, Vedaranyeswarar Temple. Being part of the Cauvery delta region, Vedaranyam is known for its salt extraction and prawn cultivation. Although prone to natural calamities because of proximity to the sea, Vedaranyam also has historical significance. From being a part of the Chola dynasty to becoming the start of the Vedaranyam Salt March led by Rajaji, this coastal town is surrounded by five fresh water channels making agriculture one of the major economic activities in the region. This town houses our very own Five Minutes Farmer Veda Vinayagam who supplies us with farm fresh Brinjal, Ladies Finger, Groundnuts, Surakkai, Parangkkai, Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd, Sweet Potato, Maraveli Kizhangu, Kotavarangai, Sundaikkai, Raw Mangoes, Green Chillies and Ridge Gourd. Along with these fresh vegetable varieties, his farms house cows and hens as well. This helps Farmer Vinayagam to fertilise and preserve the minerals in the fields with natural compost and fertilizers from the domesticated animals on the fields.