Wayanad – Nilgris Farmers

Amidst the dense forests of Wynaad-Nilgris, on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, live 4 Tribal Communities: the Mulla Kurumbas, the Paniyas, the Kathu Naickas and the Betta Kurumbas. These tribes lack basic amenities of life, including proper schooling and medical help. Although there are Government Funds allocated, due to lack of support and planning, these communities suffer from poverty. Although they face a lot of difficulties, there is a silver lining. With the help of Nilgiris Wayanad Tribal Welfare Society, they are empowered with free hospital, hostel and education facilities. This Society is mainly funded from the produce of the 17-acre farm among other sources of income. But do you think this would suffice for all the costs of functioning and maintaining the essential facilities required?

Certainly not. These naïve tribals sell their produce to local traders at a low cost who often export these gifts of nature at higher rates. This renders the working tribals poorer and the intermediaries exploit them. This is a terrible situation to be in. How can you help them sell their yield?

With the help of 5 Minute Farmers, you can order fresh organic Pepper and Cloves directly from their field to your doorsteps. Pepper and Cloves come directly from Wynaad-Nilgiris, and the price is fixed by the tribes themselves!