Gowri – Ooty

In the chilly hill stations of Ooty, locally known as Udagamandalam, reside Five Minutes Farmer Vijaya Gowri. With farming as her interest, she is sourcing organic and non-organic vegetable varieties for you from her beautiful farms! Orange Carrots, Red Beetroots, Green Beans, Fresh Chow Chow and Red Radish are a few of our favourite produce directly from her farms. She uses nature’s fertilisers and store-bought cow-dung cakes to make sure that her farm and produce is healthy and chemical-free! With this small-scale hobby being picked up and encouraged by the enthusiastic family of Five Minutes, she is planning to scale this part-time activity into a full-fledged opportunity soon! With plans to increase her yield, she has plans to get farm animals to ensure that her fertilizers are home-grown!