Insect Repellent Plants

Insect Repellent Plants
Do it yourself repellents you don’t have to buy a product all you need is to grow the plant
• Pennyroyal Repels Mosquitoes, GNATs Ticks and flies. Cfush the leaves and apply to skin.
• Feverfew Repels Mosquitoes and Flying biting insects rub in hands to extract the oil from it.
• Citronella Grass Repels mosquitoes and flying insects
• Lavender use the leaves by grinding and applying to the skin or by simply placing it in the window to forbid mosquitos from entering the room
• Pyrethrum Dry the flowers crush them to and mix it with water and Spray it
• Marigold: acts as mosquito repellent as well as repels Aphids, Cabbage maggots Whiteflies and many other plant pests.
• Peppermint acts as a repellent as well as helps get relief from the itch after the mosquito bite